Curved Wall Form Systems
FLEXO - Curved Steel Wall Form System

FLEXO Wall Form System is adjustable for various diameters starting from 5m.

This durable formwork intended to support a concrete pressure of 80 kN/m2 is designed for circular tanks and walls. System can be used for straight walls as well.

Pre-assembled panels to the required radius reduce the erection time. Excellent concrete surfaces are obtained without any additional finishing. The form surface is made of 4 mm tick high yield strength steel plate which enables the formwork having high resistance to metal fatigue.

Radius adjustment is fast and simple to do on site. The panels don’t leave joint marks and seams to be ground or rubbed.

Conical shapes can be cast with special filler/extension panels.Filler/extension panels also provide the usage of same tie-rods holes and eliminate the need of extra holes on panel surface.

  • Ready to use.
  • Rapid assembly.
  • Safe working conditions.
  • Superposed panels up to h=6.5m.
  • Perfect fixation detail.
  • Smooth concrete surfaces.
  • Long lasting.
PLEXO - Curved Plywood Wall Form System

PLEXO is a wall form system with plywood shuttering for curved walls. It is easy and quick to assemble. H20 timber girders and steel walers are used as supporting components. It is widely used for circular structures such as water tanks and silos. Maximum allowable concrete pressure can reach up to 60kN/m2. Vertical extension is possible up to 7.5 m.

The system is adjustable for various diameters. But it can also come with steel supports for fixed diameter as well.