Column Form Systems
H20P - Plywood Column Form System

H20P Column Forms can be used up to 1,200 mm width with adjustable braces.

Easy solutions for edges and corners reduce the workmanship. Properties of H20P - Plywood wall forms and connection details are also available in these column forms.

It allows fast assembly and high concreting speed.

It has advantages such as easy transportation, planning and fast production at the worksite.

It allows casting of high columns.

REVOLA/LOGICA Adjustable Column Form System

Universal standard panels of REVOLA & LOGICA system are also used to create adjustable column form system.

Standard column form will provide adjustment to cast concrete sections from 300x300mm up to 1000x1000mm at every 50mm increments by the help of the holes drilled on the panels.This system is supported by the standard push-pull props of REVOLA-LOGICA systems.

Surface material alternatives are:

  • Steel plate 
  • Plywood panels
  • Composite polyurethane panels
STILO - Circular Steel Column Form System

STILO is a steel surfaced formwork for circular concrete columns. The system is made of two half-circle panels which makes on-site assembly and stripping faster. Concrete pressure capacity can reach up to 100kN/m2 which results in faster concreting.

Forms for elliptical sections and column-heads are also available up on request.

LAMINO - Modular Circular Column Form System

LAMINO is a modular formwork for circular columns. The system is made of three main components:

a) Vertical steel supports

b) Circular (ring) steel supports

c) Composite polypropylene plate

In order to use the system in a modular way, the assembly should be done for the largest diameter. Composite plate is bend to form the the formwork with the largest diameter. To reduce the diameter composite panel is cut to size for the smaller diameter. The column form is re-assembled with new ring supports and re-bended composite plate. Vertical steel supports and other accessories can be re-used without any change or modification.

PIER - Special Pier Column Forms

Tailor made steel pier forms are designed and produced for bridges. The system is specially designed by using steel plate panels supported by  horizontal/vertical steel beams.

Design of pier forms could be done with or without using tie-rod as per the requirements of the projects. Pier heads with different shapes and forms of are also available.