Working Platform Systems
16E - Stripping Platform System


MESA-16E Stripping Platform System is designed and manufactured for protections on the open facades through which the forms are stripped or on which the forms are supported.

Basically, steel construction of the system consists of two or three triangular frames according to the opening and their connections.

Although Stripping Platforms are located next to each other along the facade of the building, they could be used individually according to the building facade.

Platform where the formworks are stripped and the working is realised, is composed by wooden or steel girders and wooden cover on it.

It provides high degree of protections with foldable safety nets in front and post guardrails on each sides if needed. Each individual platforms are transferred by crane.

Scope of Applications:

Although MESA-16E Stripping Platforms are generally suitable  for Half-Tunnel applications for removing the tunnel forms during stripping process, they also serve in all type of conventional construction sites where safety, limited stacking or large working areas are required.

Since the components of MESA-16E Stripping Platforms are both demountable and man-handled, the system is easily transported and transferred.

Standard Spans:

MESA-16E Stripping Platforms are easily adjusted to different spans which are arranged according to standard interior openings of Half Tunnel applications.

These openings change between 2100 – 5100 mm with 300 mm increments.

Between 5400 and 6000 mm, MESA-16E Stripping Platforms includes three triangular frames.

Standard Lengths:

Length of MESA-16E Stripping Platforms differs with three Standard Triangular Frames called as 6M, 7M and 8M having 6000, 7000 and 8000 mm total lengths respectively.

These three lengths of frames give working areas with useable dimensions from 3000 mm to 5000 mm.

KSK - Gable End Frame System


MESA-KSK Gable Platform System is designed and manufactured for exterior working on formwork or any other construction operations.

It creates a reliable working and walking area for the crew dealing with all types of formworks or façade operations.

Basically, system includes two or three foldable triangular brackets; main supporting beam which hangs on the shoes mounted on the wall and connects these brackets at the same time, supplementary connection profiles, post guardrails for safety, steel girders and timber covers on platform areas.

MESA-KSK Gable Platform is lifted and transferred by means of cranes.

It provides high degree of reliability and durability in the range of loading and working limits given in this manual.

The fundamental advantage of the system is the versatility on different construction plans.

Scope of Applications:

Universal design of MESA-KSK Gable Platform System gives wide range of application on construction sites.

Before concreting, System assures a powerful bearing and shoring area for all type of tunnel formworks, wall formworks and even falseworks.

During concreting, a safe, accessible and convenient working place for concreting crew is achieved by the System.

Also, for masonry work, brickwork, heavy cladding, rendering, plastering and painting, MESA-KSK Gable Platform System is ready to use.

Standard Lengths:

Effective length of MESA-KSK Gable Platform System having double Triangular Brackets is varying from 1,500 mm to 5,500 mm by adjusting the distance between two Triangular Brackets and the cantilever in both sides.

In the Sets having triple Triangular Brackets, effective length is in between 3,750 mm and 8,750 mm by adjusting the distance between two Triangular Brackets and the cantilever in both sides.

Combination of two sets of MESA-KSK Gable Platform System with double Triangular Brackets gives effective platform length changing from 6,800 mm to 10,200 mm.

Standard Widths:

Working area of MESA-KSK Gable Platform System has 1,800 mm effective width.

By means of Front Extension Set, effective width could be increased to 2,850 mm.

U14 - Landing Platform System

MESA U14 Landing platforms are used to fill holes in the slab, to enable people to work on it and provides working place under the wall forms at shafts.

Platform is made of standard profile with fixation holes. A frame is set by connecting the profiles with bolts. Timber wedges and planks are placed on the frame and platform is completed.

Lower level walking platform is produced in the same way. Lower Walking platform is connected to upper landing platform via chains and lifting eyes.

Platform is mounted in the shaft on the shoes bolted in tie rod holes of two walls. If there are no walls it is located on the beams with z profiles.

  • Landing platforms must only be located on provided shoes.
  • Lower level walking platform must be assembled.
  • Use certified chain and lifting eyes. Never cut the chains.
  • It is strictly forbidden to have people on the platform while the platform is lifted and hoisted by crane.