Access Scaffolding Systems
AL 70 Access Scaffolding System

Fast assembly without tools.

MESA AL 70 guardrails and diagonals assembled to the vertical frames by strong and secure self-locking pins.

When the guardrail pushed in, specially designed locking­ pins unlock by themselves. Thus, the guardrail can be installed in one movement by using both pins at the same time.


Automatic plumb-line alignment

in the course of assembly process, MESA AL 70 access scaffolding levels up in a perpendicular position by itsel thanks to the well-designed and well-placed connection points of its external-diagonals


Automatic alignment of other levels

With MESA AL 70 the time saving increases as the platform rises. After the first alignment, there will be no need tor further alignment in upper levels.

Upper diagonal braces with star bolts ensure the trouble­ free placement of planks and their safety against sliding.

Secure self-locking pins are used for locking rear guardrails and other components.

Steel vertical frames alsa come in different heights and weights.



MESA LOCK - Cuplock Scaffolding System

CUP-LOCK is a multi-purpose system scaffold, suitable for access and formwork support in all types of construction of building & civil engineering projects. This complete galvanised system is probably the fastest and most-widely preferred scaffold system.

The main feature of CUP-LOCK is the unique node locking method which allows up to four horizontal members to be fastened to a vertical member in one action by a single hammer blow - without the use of nuts and bolts or wedges.

The locking node is formed by two cups, a fixed lower cup which is welded to the vertical member at every 50cm intervals and a sliding upper cup. First the forged blade ends of the horizontal member are connected loosely but safely to the lower cup.

The key strength of CUP-LOCK system is being extremely versatile. It is ideal for many applications as formwork support, or general access scaffold, staircase tower, mobile tower and table form.  It has flexible erection as straight, curved or circular configuration for both access and support purposes.

MESA CUP-LOCK system is designed and manufactured in accordance with British Standards. It is fully hot-dip galvanized and all components are made from high-quality steel. Than the upper cup is lowered down and rotated by a hammer blow to lock the node point which results in a safe and rigid connection.  The special locking method enables the system to be faster and simpler to implement than any other scaffold system. It provides major savings in erection and dismantling durations and therefore minimizes project costs.

All vertical/horizontal tubes are 48.3mm in diameter having a wall thickness of 3.25mm.

High material quality together with hot-dip galvanized finish ensures high-resistance to corrosion and damage. As a result CUP-LOCK system has a long working life and durability with low maintenance. Its modular & simple nature also provides ease of handling and minimal space requirements for storage.

There are no loose parts to misplace which makes the system easy to use. The simplicity of the component range is a major strength of the system. Basic horizontal and vertical members with upper/lower jacks make the core of system for all structures. However, with the addition of a small number of special components, smart scaffold solutions can easily be created for complex structures requiring access scaffold or formwork support.