Special Formwork Systems
TBM Segment Moulds

MESA TBM-SEGMENT MOULDS are precast moulds which are used to cast segment units for underground tunnels for metro, water utilitiy lines etc.

Main Features;

  • Dimensional Tolerance
  • Simple Assembly with  Smart Connectors
  • Durability
  • Ability on Curved Tunnels
  • Gasket Type Watertight Joint
  • Chamfer Detail on Corners and Edge

Dimentional Tolerances:

  • Full plane surface contact in radial and circumferential joints due to the high loads being transferred among them
  • Correct linear dimensions to avoid stepping and lipping.
  • Correct angles between contact surfaces to minimize birds mouthing or uneven point loads.
  • Documentary evidence that only certified segments have been used in the tunnel construction.

Manufacturing Features:

  • Certified High Grade Raw Materials.
  • Special Hard Alloy Steel for Concrete Faces.
  • Mass Production in High Quality.
  • High Dimensional Accuracy  on Steel parts.
  • Continuous Quality Control.
  • Waterproofing at Contact Faces.
  • Normalization for Residual Stresses.

Inspection & Tests Before Delivery

  • Vibration Test.
  • Lifting and Turning Unit Test.
  • Connection Test to Form the Ring.

Coating and Delivery:

  • Two coats anti-rust paint on the faces not in contact with the concrete.
  • Grease on the mechanical parts and the faces contact with the concrete.
  • Individual packaging against damaging during transportation.
  • Special rubber parts on connection joints and the center connection.

Design Features

  • Rigid Chasis Providing Durability.
  • Precise Fixing on Variable Concrete Ends.
  • Short Time Requirements for Assembly and Dismantling.
  • Precise Dimensioning on Connection Points.
  • Easy connection of Concrete Vibrators.
  • Waterproofing at Contact Faces.
Travelling Tunnel Form

Mesa Travelling Formwork System has been developed for construction of tunnels, culverts or any immersed tube structure.

This formwork is designed to enable optimum use of each item in the system by arranging the components in variable configurations. Therefore it is possible to form wide range of tunnel cross-sections in a cost-efficient way, regardless of the shapes and loads involved.

Features of MESA Travelling Tunnel Form.

In general, tunnels are circular and horse shoe in cross-section depending on their functions and soil type. Regardless of shape or cross-section, they are usually divided into invert and arch sections for concreting.

It is common practice to form and place the curb along both sides of circular and modified horse shoe to provide a base of setting the invert form and runway for the traveler wheels.

• Heavy load-bearing capacity and resistance to concrete pressure.

• Modular design enabling fast and easy assembly.

• Flexibility.

• System components  arranged in variable configurations.

• Fast and safe implementation.

• Savings in time and workmanship by hydro-mechanical power systems.

• Easy to concrete and vibrate.